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Ventura Vinyl-Clad WindowsWhen you comparison shop among our competitors—and you definitely should—you will probably be offered their "best" window as compared to our "best" window. But it's an apple-to-oranges comparison—here are the facts:

Our best vinyl-clad window is the Grandura/Simonton. It's manufactured by Simonton, distributed by Amcraft, and they have collaborated with us to guarantee it for ten years—both materials and labor. It's an interesting business story, one that we're proud to be part of, and we talk about it here.

But for the moment suffice to say: Nobody in the world makes a better vinyl-clad window than Grandura/Simonton, and there's no window with a comparable guarantee.  Their "best" is in no way as good as our "best," and we have the hard data to prove it.

So if you want to make apple-to-apple or orange-to-orange or mango-to-mango comparisons, you should compare their "Best" to our Ventura line of windows, which is also distributed and backed by Amcraft.  

Ventura are excellent vinyl-clad replacement windows. They might be best for you depending on your budget, your personal goals, how important color-choices are to you, how long you plan to keep your home, etc.

Like Grandura, they are ENERGYSTAR-rated and have earned the AAMA Gold Label Certification, which is the highest level of testing for quality and performance. Ventura features & benefits are shown in the photo nearby.

So what do Grandura vinyl-clad replacement windows offer over Ventura?  Check this out

Comparison between Ventura and Grandura vinyl-clad replacement windows



 Grandura Benefits

 Why you should care

Interior Colors

Available faux wood finish  Standard paint finishes    

Exterior Colors

Range of available colors White or Tan only    

Frame Strength

Strongest Stronger Strongest frames best resist warping due to house settling Warping can cause windows to bind or otherwise operate poorly


Slanted & Stepped   Slanted    Stepped sill directs rain away from window Least chance of interior water penetration in severe weather

Weather-stripping points of contact

Best resistance to  air & wind infiltration Least drafts

Contoured locks    

Best Quality Better Quality Larger more substantial locks Most durable and best protection against break-ins.


Dual Single Allows you to open window partway while nonetheless locked Allows "open window" ventilation without sacrificing security.


Triple Pane Double Pane
[Triple Pane optional]
Best insulates against noise & temperature Most quiet and energy-efficient

Glass Spacing

1 inch ¾ inch Allows most gas between panes Most gas means best insulation

Glass thickness

270mm 180mm 33% thicker glass best resists breakage Best insulation from exterior sounds & temperature

Edgetech Super Spacer®

 Yes  No Best resists condensation Best protection against interior water damage to surrounding wood trims, drywall, etc.


 Double-Lifetime  20 years    

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