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Aaron Ziegler

Finance Manager

Aaron comes from a long line of accounting professionals. Even his mom is one—not to mention his wife. Since college he has been a bookkeeper, production accountant, and purchasing coordinator before coming to Genesis Exteriors. Along with making sure that Genesis employees and vendors get paid, a large part of Aaron's job is dedicated to taking care of you if you have any questions about your payments, billing, credit terms, etc., making sure you quickly get answers to your questions.

According to Aaron: "Everything we do at Genesis is about gaining and keeping our customers' trust. And that makes it easy to do my job."

Kevin Merk

Estimator/Project Manager

Kevin grew up on a family farm with strong role models who knew how to build things, which influenced him to start in the construction business while in his late teens, building homes. He was most recently the contractor services manager at a "big box" home-improvement store before joining Genesis Exteriors. A state licensed and nationally certified home inspector, he is especially knowledgeable about building codes and regulations when consulting about replacing doors, windows, roofs, and other parts of your home.

With such a base of knowledge, it's no surprise what Kevin likes best about working at Genesis Exteriors: "Educating customers about their project so they're totally comfortable making their decisions."

Matt Winterberg

Estimator/Project Manager

Matt wears many hats at Genesis Exteriors that call upon the knowledge and expertise he's gained about the building & remodeling industry since college. During the last decade Matt has been a business manager, outside sales consultant, and general "go-to guy" for a number of construction and remodeling firms before being recruited by Genesis Exteriors.

Ask him what he likes best about his job and he'll tell you: "Genesis is unique because it's all about the customer—not all about the company. Every day is different. You're meeting with families and individuals, architects and designers. And every project is new!"

Brandon Vincent

President & CEO

Like the folks he tends to hire, Brandon strives to treat people how he would like to be treated in the same situation, which you might recognize as The Golden Rule. Brandon began sister company Genesis Painting concentrating on superior craftsmanship and the strongest guarantee in the industry, and he brings the same values and commitment to Genesis Exteriors.

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