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Exterior doors must provide security, weather-proofing, and aesthetic appeal to your home or business. So it's important that they be of high quality and properly installed. So which is the right kind of door for you?

Entry and exterior doors have changed significantly over the past few years. There are nowadays hundreds of options, from conventional wood to high-tech fiberglass composites, and steel doors that incorporate a combination of materials. The hybrid that's best for you depends on your particular needs and application.

In general, wood doors are the most aesthetically pleasing, steel the most economical, and fiberglass the most durable and energy efficient. But similar to windows, modern hybrids can provide more than one of these benefits. For example, some wood doors have steel interiors; some steel doors have wood exteriors; a fiberglass or steel door might have a wood frame; and nearly any door might have a foam core.

Our experts can show you many types and styles of doors. They will advise you about which are best for your particular needs and application. And our experienced craftsmen will install them at your home or business with the diligence and professionalism for which the Genesis name is known throughout Madison and South Central Wisconsin.

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